New Boat Trailer? 2 Important Considerations

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A trailer is perhaps the most important accessory to invest in alongside the investment in a new dinghy. Many times, first-time boat owners are overwhelmed by the exciting prospects of boat ownership that they end up settling for the first trailer (often the most affordable) recommended by a boat dealer (such as those from White Water Marine).    However, there are other (often more important) factors that boat owners should consider when choosing between different types of trailers for their new dinghy.

31 May 2016

Some Quick Tips on Choosing an Irrigation or Sprinkler System for Your Home

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Having a built-in sprinkler system or irrigation system can mean a healthy and green lawn without having to constantly hassle with turning on a sprinkler, moving it by hand, and the like. Today's sprinkler and irrigation systems are very advanced and come with a wide range of features that can help keep your lawn and flowers looking their best, while still conserving water when possible. Note a few quick tips for choosing an irrigation or sprinkler system for your home.

11 May 2016

Three Essential Tips for Avoiding Thermal Shock With Stoneware Plates and Dishes

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Thermal shock happens when your stoneware changes temperature too quickly. This can cause the stoneware to crack or break. Luckily, it's relatively easy to avoid thermal shock. Check out these tips: 1. Only put microwave-safe stoneware in your microwave. Depending on the type of stoneware you have, you may or may not be able to put it in the microwave. If your stoneware is not advertised as safe for the microwave, don't put it in there.

13 April 2016

Business Cards For Bloggers: Five Tips For Success

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To be a successful blogger, you need to run, promote and brand your blog as if it is a business. As part of that process, you need fabulous, eye-catching and professional business cards. You can easily design your own business cards online. Here are five tips to take in mind while designing your business cards: 1. Create a great first impression If someone has never been to your blog before, your business card is their first impression.

19 February 2015

Road Crew Managers: Five Safety Features You Need In A Truck Mounted Attenuator

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Also known as crash cushions, truck mounted attenuators are units that you attach to trucks to reduce the impact of motor vehicle collisions to those trucks. In many cases, truck mounted attenuators are attached to large trucks which sit on the road between construction crews and traffic. Truck mounted attenuators notify drivers of the work zone while simultaneously protecting the area and the people in it. If you are looking for truck mounted attenuators to keep your crew safe as they work in the road, look for ones that offer the following safety features:

26 January 2015

The ultimate guide to planning an outdoor wedding reception

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When you are planning your wedding day, you are probably mostly focused on the actual ceremony, but the reception is just as important. This is the time when you, your partner and your friends and family can let that hair down and actually celebrate your nuptials. If you choose to get married in the summer, it can be a great idea to host a wedding reception outside. Perhaps your wedding venue has a beautiful outdoor space attached to it, or maybe you have a large enough back garden to host a wedding reception on your own property.

26 January 2015

Can you prevent your kids from developing asthma?

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As a parent, you want your children to live with the very best health. But is there anything that you can actually do to ensure that your children don't become asthmatic? This is difficult to say because asthma can be caused by a number of environmental and genetic factors. If your child has a genetic predisposition to asthma, you may not be able to prevent them from developing the condition. But this doesn't mean that you should create a home environment in which asthma can thrive either.

13 January 2015

Project Managers: 5 Reasons Why It's Better To Outsource UAT

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User acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical part of any technology project. Developers can accurately work from a requirement specification, but it's vital that 'real' users (or testers who can act in the same way) test and confirm that the changes made are fit for its purpose. Many businesses choose to conduct UAT with internal resources, but an increasing number of project managers now outsource this critical part of the project workflow.

12 January 2015

Choosing The Right High Pressure Water Cleaner

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Operating a commercial maintenance and cleaning business requires robust, reliable equipment. The essential work horse is a high powered pressure cleaner to do the heavy work and cut through those layers of dust, grime, mud and oil. Whether you contract for the manufacturing, building, government, municipalities or health care industries, the power of your high pressure cleaner is paramount. The other considerations are whether to choose electric, petrol or diesel driven models which operate with either hot or cold water.

6 January 2015

How Aerial Photography Can Benefit Your Farm

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Like many farmers, no doubt you would enjoy having a beautifully framed aerial photograph of your property displayed above your mantelpiece. The remarkable panorama and unique bird's eye view would please your family, friends and visitors alike. However, there are many more ways that aerial photography can benefit your farm and support you with its management. Increasingly, farmers are looking to gain assistance from above as technology takes to the skies.

11 December 2014