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New Boat Trailer? 2 Important Considerations

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A trailer is perhaps the most important accessory to invest in alongside the investment in a new dinghy. Many times, first-time boat owners are overwhelmed by the exciting prospects of boat ownership that they end up settling for the first trailer (often the most affordable) recommended by a boat dealer (such as those from White Water Marine).   

However, there are other (often more important) factors that boat owners should consider when choosing between different types of trailers for their new dinghy. Discussed below are two of these factors.

The Gross Weight Limit

The gross weight limit of refers to the maximum weight that a boat trailer is designed to support without putting unnecessary strain on its structure or on any of its components. In the ideal situation, a first-time boat owner should ensure that the gross weight limit of their preferred trailer is higher than the weight of the newly-purchased dinghy.

While at it, it is important for a boating enthusiast to remember that he or she will probably carry luggage, food items and fishing equipment (for example) inside the boat which is loaded on a trailer. The weight of the dinghy plus the average weight of everything it carries on a regular basis should be lower than the gross weight limit of the chosen boat trailer.

A large number of boat trailer manufacturers indicate the gross weight limit of their products on their compliance plates that come with the trailers.

Single Vs Tandem Axle Boat Trailers

The type of axle system used on a boat trailer is also an important factor to consider when choosing between different trailers. Single axle boat trailers have a single set of wheels while their tandem axle counterparts have two sets of wheels.

Single axle trailers are often more affordable and often lighter than tandem axle trailers. A distinctive advantage of the single axle trailer is that it makes it easier to park the trailer in a tight-fitting spot.

On the other hand, tandem axle boat trailers often have a higher gross weight limit and they're suitable for a large-sized boat. Tandem axle boat trailers distribute the weight of the boat across four wheels. This allows for a more even distribution of the weight of the dinghy and that of its contents. Consequently, tandem axle trailers are less likely to be swayed by strong winds mid-way through the journey to the lake (for example).

In conclusion, remember that "if the highest aim of a Captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever"-Thomas Aquinas. So get the right trailer for the right boat and get far away from port!     


31 May 2016