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Tips When Having Your House Painted by Professionals

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Giving your house a coat of paint is a great way to transform it without undergoing major construction work. Professional painters can advise on colour choices, efficiently paint your home and clean up afterwards. Leaving it to professionals will result in a better job, and you won't have to do any backbreaking and dangerous work standing precariously on ladders. Here are some tips for undergoing this kind of exciting project.

Generating Spaciousness

Picking colours is about complementing the style of the room. However, remember that wall colours can make an area cramped or spacious. Choose pale colours such as white, light blue or soft beige to make rooms seem larger. Pale hues reflect more light and brightly lit spaces naturally feel bigger.

However, pale colours can appear grey if a room is dim without much natural light to reflect. In that case, choose a stronger mid-tone colour that will show in darker rooms. Or else keep the room artificially lit to make the colour evident.

Designing Accent Walls

Rather than paint all four room walls the same hue, why not add spice with an accent wall? This can brighten up a plain area that doesn't have interesting architectural details. However, an accent wall is meant to be a pop of colour, not an overload, so reserve this treatment for a small wall, not one in an open living area. A restricted wall area gives you the licence to choose a bold colour, such as a rich green or a deep maroon, that may otherwise be overwhelming.

Even though light colours are generally best for creating spaciousness, painting a wall in a small room or a nook in a larger space can add dimension, especially if the colour is dark and appears to recede into the distance.

Creating a Mood

The wall paint colours will generate a particular mood, so bear this in mind when picking the paint. Choose a sage green or a pale sky blue to create a calm and tranquil oasis. On the other hand, paint the walls a rich yellow for a fun and energetic ambience. In a sleek contemporary space, you can choose white, black or charcoal for an air of sophistication. The room's function is also relevant to the colour choice, as you may want to make a kitchen feel cheery but a bedroom feels peaceful. Ask house painters, who are able to provide professional opinions, what they suggest.


2 August 2023