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Some Quick Tips on Choosing an Irrigation or Sprinkler System for Your Home

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Having a built-in sprinkler system or irrigation system can mean a healthy and green lawn without having to constantly hassle with turning on a sprinkler, moving it by hand, and the like. Today's sprinkler and irrigation systems are very advanced and come with a wide range of features that can help keep your lawn and flowers looking their best, while still conserving water when possible. Note a few quick tips for choosing an irrigation or sprinkler system for your home.

1. Know your plants

Are your flowers annuals or perennials? Annuals are those that need to be planted every year, whereas perennials are more permanent and will continue to bloom year after year. Perennials and shrubs may do well with a drip system that delivers water right to the ground, as opposed to an actual sprinkler that sprays water over the tops of flowers and plants. This drip system will allow more water to be received by the roots, which is better for perennial flowers and shrubs. Annuals may need more water over their tops, so the flowers and leaves can absorb the moisture better. Check on the types of plants and flowers you have and start there when choosing a sprinkler or irrigation system.

2. For large lawns

If you simply have a large lawn with lots of grass that needs watering, you'll want to choose an above-ground rotating or oscillating sprinkler. This type lifts up from the ground and then sprays a steady stream of water over the surface of the lawn. A rotating head will make a complete circle whereas an oscillating head will move back and forth; choose the type of sprinkler head according to where it will be placed. Don't put a rotating head next to the house as then you're just wasting the water that hits the house. These sprinklers are also good for newly seeded lawns as they may need more consistent watering than lawns with strong roots already in place.

3. Features

If the weather in your area is unpredictable, get a sprinkler system with a rain sensor that automatically turns off when it starts to rain; this will help to conserve water. Another advanced feature to choose is called an evapo-transpiration unit, which can sense the humidity in the air and the angle of the sun in order to make changes to your watering schedule. This will ensure your lawn gets more water when it's also getting more sunshine, and will get less water when the air is very humid.


11 May 2016