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Why Choose Vinyl Plantation Shutters for Your Home?

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Looking to add plantation shutters to your home? Real wood was once the clear choice for plantation shutters, but with the wider variety of materials available for shutter construction today, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed with your options.

Vinyl plantation shutters are one of the most popular types of plantation shutters available. They are a suitable choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the house where the use of traditional wood shutters would be impractical due to heat and moisture exposure. 

Installed and maintained correctly, vinyl plantation shutters can offer many great benefits to homeowners. Read along to acquaint yourself with some top advantages you can expect by investing in these shutters. 

They are affordable

Are you looking to install plantation shutters on a tight budget? There are many good options out there, but only a few can beat the affordability of vinyl versions. 

Vinyl plantation shutters are one of the least inexpensive plantation shutters available on the market. They are ideal for people who don't have much to spend and want to make the most of the little money they have.

They require little upkeep

Although all plantation shutters require some sort of maintenance to maintain their durability and beauty, some require more maintenance than others.

Because they do not warp like real wood or rust like metal, vinyl shutters are widely regarded as a low-maintenance option for homes. All you need to do to keep these shutters intact and shiny is to clean them regularly. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl retains its original colour well without any periodic painting, oiling or staining.

They are lightweight 

Vinyl is a relatively lightweight material that lends itself for use in applications where fast installation time is desired. That said, they aren't ideal for large windows, which can be easily plagued with structural integrity issues.

They are reasonably durable

Despite their lightweight design, plantation shutters made of vinyl offer decent durability. These shutters can endure daily exposure to many destructive elements for many years to come. The durability of vinyl plantation shutters further adds to their cost-effectiveness as you won't need to get new shutters before you've amortised your initial investment. 

Thought out well, installing vinyl plantation shutters can be one of those home improvement projects that pay off handsomely. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the suitability of plantation shutters for your home, contact a local service.


14 March 2022