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Top 4 Reasons to Buy New Forklifts for Your Warehouse Operation

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Excellent for indoor use and ideal for carrying and moving palletised items over short distances both horizontally and vertically, forklifts are virtually indispensable in a warehouse setting. They can be used to stack up pallets and also get weighty items off high-up racks. 

While purchasing used forklifts for your warehouse operation can save you some money, there are several reasons you should buy new ones instead. Take a look at these awesome benefits of buying new forklifts.

1. Increased Reliability

From loading and unloading goods from distribution trucks to stacking pallets high up the ceiling, forklifts do a lot of heavy lifting in a warehouse operation. Hence, ensuring the reliability of forklifts is key.

One of the top advantages of buying a brand new forklift is that you don't have to worry about your machine's reliability. Provided you maintain and use your lifting equipment correctly, it should serve you well for many years to come.

2. Greater Long-Term Cost Savings

Cost is a huge deciding factor when buying forklift equipment. Sure, buying a new forklift costs more upfront compared to buying an old one, but over the long term, it can save you more money, due to the increased reliability that a previously-unused machine can provide.

When you buy a new forklift, you don't inherit any problems from a previous owner. This eliminates the risk of forklift breakdowns due to issues you may know nothing about. 

3. Reduced Shopping Time

Shopping for a used forklift for your warehouse operations can take an enormous amount of time. In addition to finding a model that will adapt to your warehousing needs, you'll need to carry out numerous checks to ensure its reliability. 

New forklifts come backed by the equipment manufacturer's warranty, which protects you against certain mechanical defects that may arise during the warrantied period. Plus, your forklift is made with original equipment (OE) parts, which are specifically built for your equipment.

With these assurances in mind, you can acquire your warehouse equipment quickly and with confidence.

4. Access to the Latest Features 

All the latest safety and performance upgrades for your forklift come packed in newer versions of the machines. Your best chance at utilising these updated features is to buy brand-new forklifts.

Despite the higher upfront costs, new forklifts offer greater reliability and can last longer than used ones. For more information, contact a representative at a forklift sales company.


26 February 2021