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Steps to Follow When Getting a Partner Visa


If you are in a relationship with someone who is an Australian citizen or resident, you might be wondering about getting a partner visa. There are temporary and permanent visas that allow you to continue living in Australia with your partner. Here are some steps to follow when you want this type of visa.

Choose the Right Type of Visa

You first need to make sure you are choosing the right type of visa for the type of relationship you are in. There are general partner visas for ongoing relationships and de facto relationships, but also some other visas for specific circumstances. For example, if you are currently engaged to the Australian citizen, then you can apply for a prospective marriage visa, also called a fiancé visa. This is a temporary visa you get while you are planning your wedding. Then there is a spouse visa for when you do get married. Make sure the person you are in a relationship with is either a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Fulfill the Requirements

Once you choose your desired type of partner visa, you will then need to make sure you meet all the requirements. With many of these visas, you either need to show that you are living together now or you intend to. In some arranged marriages and other proposed marriages, the couple doesn't live together until after marriage. That is acceptable, but you must show proof you have met your fiancé and that you do intend to live together after you marry. Australia also has strict health requirements, making sure you don't have diseases that pose a health risk to Australian residents. The character requirement is also important, which looks at your background and criminal history.

Apply and Prepare Documents

There are a variety of documents required when applying for a partner visa. This includes documents showing the status of your relationship along with character references that can validate the relationship. You also need personal documents, such as your passport and photo identification, birth certificate, and documents showing your type of employment. Your spouse, fiancé, or partner will also need to become a sponsor and provide their own documentation. Documents showing that you live together or prove you are planning your wedding may also be required. After gathering the documents and making the necessary copies, you can then fill out the application.

Consult a Migration Agent

It helps to have a migration agent who can help prepare the documents and look over your application. They can't sway the government to give you a visa, but they can help you and make sure you have all the requirements.

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29 June 2016