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Say No More To Sneezes: How Your Air Conditioner Can Keep Your Allergies At Bay


Summer is almost over and here comes autumn—but for many people this means runny noses, watering eyes and constant sneezing. It is estimated that up to 1 in 3 Australians suffer from a pollen allergy, and 1 in 5 will experience hay fever. While gene studies are starting to tell scientists more about what causes allergies so they can be treated more accurately in the future, there are a few ways that your air conditioner can help control your allergies right now.

Filters Are Your Frontline Defence System

Many people purchase an "okay" filter and this decision is made with their wallet rather than their allergy symptoms. If you are one of these people, then this simple decision could be causing your allergies to flair unnecessarily. While a phone call to your air conditioning specialist will help you make a better buying choice, look for these points when you buy your next filter:

  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters catch the smallest of airborne contamination particles. In fact, only filters that can catch at least 99.7% of the contamination particles that are as small as 0.3 microns can use the HEPA label. For an allergy sufferer this means less irritation floating in your home to set off your allergies.
  • If you live in an area like Queensland that is exposed to high humidity, look for a mould proof filter. These filters are treated to prevent mould growing on the filter due to the high moisture content of the air. Mould spores that are floating in the air of your home can cause respiratory illness if breathed in by those who have weak lungs.

Do not just purchase a filter because the price is right. Instead, choose one that will help to keep your allergies at bay.

Filter Rotation Will Catch More Floatation

However, remember that it does not matter what type of filter you purchase if you do not intend to change it on a regular basis. As the filter gets blocked with the particles that are floating in the air, the efficiency reduces. The more blocked the filter is, the less it can catch.

While many filters are recommended for replacement quarterly, as an allergy sufferer you may find that this is not often enough for your needs. Check your filter every month, and change it that often if it is getting particularly blocked. This is particularly true if you have pets in your home as their fur carries allergens that attach to it when they head outside.

Ultraviolet Radiation Is Your Secondary Superhero

If your home's air conditioning system does not have a sterilisation function, it is time to consider an upgrade to a newer model. While the filter provides the first type of protection for you, backing it up with sterilisation will give you the ultimate clean air protection.

A sterilisation function within your air conditioner uses ultraviolet radiation to remove any nasties left in the air that weren't caught by the filter. It is found within the air conditioning unit, and zaps the air as it circulates through the unit. Any contaminants that are still in the air after passing through the filter are killed by the radiation, and this makes the air in your home as clear as it can get.

There is no need to suffer from allergies when making a few changes to your air conditioner can make a big difference to the quality of air that you breathe. Speak to a specialist like Kintore Airconditioning before autumn gets underway about filters and sterilisation processes. These two parts of your air conditioner will make the biggest difference as to how much you suffer from allergies this year.


24 February 2015