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Organising A Storage System For Your Growing Boy

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Are you tired of battling with your son's untidy bedroom? Perhaps the system of plastic cubes that worked well when he was a toddler is no longer coping. His larger sized clothes and growing toy collection demand a more practical solution.

It's time to choose a built-in wardrobe and organise it to cater to his needs as a growing boy. However, it can be a challenge to know exactly where to start. Here are some great tips that will help you organise a system to provide neat and efficient storage for now and right on through his teenage years.

Create An Effective Foundation

Although it is important to choose suitable colours and styles when matching a robe to your room and home decor, it is equally—if not more—important to ensure that the inside storage system works extremely well. A system of flexible shelves, racks and baskets to form the basis of the ideal storage solution:

  • Choosing a platinum colour rather than white will add a more 'masculine' touch.
  • Opting for adjustable shelves is a must in order to allow you to move the shelves few notches or for complete removal.

Provide For Long Space Storage

Now that your son is at the stage where he is likely to need long pants and school uniforms, there is the need to store pairs of trousers, belts and ties.

  • Include a long hanging space, ideally at one side of the robe to allow easy access. This will store additional longer items including dressing gowns and sport uniforms.
  • Using flocked hangers will prevent clothes from slipping off and becoming creased
  • A removable bracket with several hooks placed at the side of this space provides hanging storage for belts, ties and bags.

Consider The Right Drawer Storage

Accommodate Toys

Every boy needs a simple storage space that accommodates their toys as they grow, moving on from the soft toys and building block variety to models, board games and then the digital 'must haves'. Boys toys tend to have so many bits and pieces that when placed in a box, they can end up in a jumbled pile making it difficult to locate anything.

  • Use small clear drawers to store small items such as matchbox cars, bionic men and robots.
  • Medium sized drawers are great for storing technology items like electronic tablets, games consoles, headphones and the ubiquitous electrical cords.
  • Make sure you choose drawers with sturdy handles that are easy to pull out

Provide Simple Underwear Solutions

It's probably a good policy and much less stressful to do away with any expectation that boys will keep their underwear drawers organised. So the answer is to make it so easy that they can do it without thinking.

  • The clever use of wire mesh storage baskets eliminates the need to fold undies or pair up socks by providing separate storage for each of these items. They can be tossed in and the drawer closed to achieve a perfectly organised appearance.
  • Separate drawers for pyjamas and boxer shorts complete the simple plan.

Utilise Floor To Ceiling Space

Placing deep drawers right along the top of the robe will provide perfect storage for sleeping bags, extra blankets and out of season clothes.

Likewise, deep wire baskets along the bottom shelf will store shoes, helmets and sports equipment. Storing these items up off the floor will make it much easier to vacuum and maintain a tidier appearance. Some advantages to choosing wire baskets include:

  • Wire mesh baskets are both lightweight and durable.
  • The air circulation provided by the open construction prevents the contents from attracting mould and moisture.
  • The baskets also offer complete visibility and items can be readily located.

Following some of these practical ideas for organising robes for growing boys will help you get started on your own unique solution. Use them as extra motivation for getting your boy's room in shape. For more tips, contact a company like Hills Robes & Screens.


8 January 2015