Do You Need to Fit Wheelchair Restraints?

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Every time you get in a car, you should put on a seatbelt. The seatbelt will keep you safe from injury if the driver needs to stop suddenly or turns sharply. While seatbelts are effective for everyone seated in the vehicle, what can you do if you transport passengers in wheelchairs? A wheelchair will roll freely along the floor of a vehicle. It will even slide if the brakes are applied.

24 September 2021

Take the Couple's Approach: Why You Should Take Your Partner to Pick the Diamond Engagement Ring

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If you're ready to pop the question and you need to shop for a diamond engagement ring, don't forget your partner. You might think that you need to shop for the engagement ring on your own, but that's not the case. There was a time when you might have shopped for the engagement ring on your own, but those days are in the past. It's becoming more popular to shop for the engagement ring as a couple.

28 May 2021

Top 4 Reasons to Buy New Forklifts for Your Warehouse Operation

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Excellent for indoor use and ideal for carrying and moving palletised items over short distances both horizontally and vertically, forklifts are virtually indispensable in a warehouse setting. They can be used to stack up pallets and also get weighty items off high-up racks.  While purchasing used forklifts for your warehouse operation can save you some money, there are several reasons you should buy new ones instead. Take a look at these awesome benefits of buying new forklifts.

26 February 2021